Totally Fume Free Services

CRETE BUSTERS, LLC is a specialty contracting company that provides TOTALLY FUME FREE operations.

Our services include:  Electric Sawing, Electric Excavation, Electric Demolition and Electric Material Hauling.

Our value includes:  Improved methods and equipment that offers our customers project efficiency and monetary savings. Whether you need fume-free for FDA compliance, environmental restrictions or concern for your employees’ health we can help.


What does “fume free” mean for most contractors?

For many contractors if you ask them for fume free operations, you may hear one of the following:  “We run propane powered equipment and that’s totally safe.”  “We have scrubbers that we put on our diesel equipment that drastically reduces the fumes.”  “The only way to do this totally ‘fume free’ is to do it with manual labor.  This means the project will take a lot more time and money.”

What does FUME FREE mean for Crete Busters, LLC?

At Crete Busters, LLC fume free means just that, TOTALLY FUME FREE.  However, due to our specialty equipment, it doesn’t mean lengthy completion schedules or excessive manual labor costs.  At Crete Busters, LLC we get your job done, on time, and on budget!

Crete Busters, LLC has successfully completed many TOTALLY FUME FREE projects.  Some of these include work at the University of Dayton, the VA Hospital in Cincinnati, Walgreen’s , Givaudan Flavoring Plant, Ethicon Endosurgery, Cincinnati's University Hospital and others.

Crete Busters’ Advantage:  Electric Powered Equipment

Crete Busters’ Tracked Haulers:  Hauling over 1,000 lbs, the Tracked Hauler will dump over the side of a 20 yard dumpster, and are only 28” wide.  This is much more productive than wheelbarrows/carts for material hauling, which saves time and money.

Ultra Compact Excavator:  At only 28” wide this unit will go almost anywhere and excavate or hammer.  A shovel isn’t the only way to dig fume free.  Save yourself time and money, ask for the pros with the right equipment to get the job done!




WE Make YOU Look Good, On Time, On Budget

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