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Are you planning on renovating or remodeling to increase your enjoyement?  Looking to increase property value for when the real estate market recovers?  Are you adding an outdoor room?  Do you need patio or pool deck removal?  Want your driveway removed?  Need excavation for coy pond?  Just need to rent a Tracked Hauler to move some materials?  No matter what type of project you have, we can help!

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Crete Busters, LLC specializes in limited access areas, such as back yards and condos.  This specialization can even be taken indoors, such as basements, thanks to our electric equipment.  We use lightweight compact equipment that allows us to successfully complete homeowner projects and help DIYs with their projects. 

DIYs:  You want to lay pavers for a new walkway or driveway.  The only thing between you and your creative masterpiece is 4 to 6 inches of existing concrete.  Let us do the non creative, not fun, backbreaking portion of that next project of yours.  And don't worry, we don't mind you not mentioning us helping with your project when your friends and family tell you how nice it looks.  Just tell them that your skills can be mistaken for a professional and if they think about doing a project like yours to give us a call.  And that's only because you are too busy to help them!  Wink. Wink.

Not a DIYer, but need a project completed before your landscape contractor, remodeling contractor etc. can complete a project for you?  That was the case for Michele Jack of Blue Ash before her landscaping could be done.  Here's what she had to say,

"We had a concrete slab and assorted steps/sidewalk in the back of our house that we needed to have removed and wondered who we could call for this small residential job.  We looked in the Yellow Pages, found a listing for Crete-Busters and checked out their website.  From the website it was clear that Crete-Busters had the equipment to do smaller jobs like ours.  We called and within a week the concrete was gone.  Crete-Busters was timely in returning our phone calls and coming out for an estimate.  They discussed with us the options for accessing the back yard and the type of equipment they would use.  They were professional and skilled in completing the work, deftly handling a large, unexpected piece of concrete close to the house foundation.  I would recommend and call Crete-Busters for other concrete work."  -Michele Jack, Blue Ash, OH.

What do efficient methods and specialty equipment that minimizes or elminates restoration costs mean for YOU (Mr/Mrs Homeowner)?  Minimizes the concern of how much a project will cost you after it's completed.  Protects your property and investment and minimizes interruptions to your schedule.  Minimize preparation time (i.e. removing sections of fence or landscape) because our equipment only needs a 30" wide access point to operate.

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