Concrete removal and excavation in Greater Cincinnati
CreteBusters, LLC

Removing concrete with the help of the CB Tracked Hauler!  Power Buggies, Concrete Buggies and Motorized Wheelbarrows Beware.

Crete Busters, LLC is a specialized contracting company located in Cincinnati, OH. We provide the following services employing a variety of methods

  • Concrete Sawing, Breaking & Removal 
  • Excavating, Grading, Trenching & Footers
  • Tracked Hauler Limited Access Hauling
  • Concrete Pour Backs 
  • TOTAL SERVICE SOLUTION (Includes multiple services - Our greatest value)

Our clients include: Contractors, Facilities (Hospitals, Schools, Plants etc.), Homeowners, DIY's and more.



Crete Busters, LLC specializes in Electric Totally Fume Free Operations.

Our unique ability to work in limited access and confined space areas, such as indoors or backyards makes us the contracting company of choice.

Crete Busters, LLC is the only contractor of its type in the tri-state area.  This is due to our skilled people that use state-of-the art equipment, which allows us to provide an ideal service solution. 

People, equipment and service
Crete Busters, LLC will protect your valuable TIME and MONEY.

CreteBusters - a concrete removal and excavation company you can trust. We hope this website provides insight to our products and services. Check out our Past Projects page for project profiles and a great photo and video gallery of everything from residential pool, patio, driveway, porch and sidewalk removal to food plant interior demolition to hospital spoils haulout and excavation!

  Be sure to check out our services overview specifically for:

    * Contractors (General, Concrete, Plumbing, Landscaping, Remodeling etc.)
    * Facilities/Plants (Hospitals, Schools, Food Processing, Retail etc.)
    * Homeowners and DIYs

So for sevice on the next project you have. . .who you gonna call?  CRETE BUSTERS!

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WE Make YOU Look Good, On Time, On Budget

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Cincinnati, OH  45227