Past Projects
Crete Busters, LLC has been contracted to complete highly involved technical projects in hospitals and food plants, as well as simply taking out a slab of old concrete for one of your neighbors.  Big or small we bustem' all!  This area contains a photo gallery, video gallery and some project profiles.  And don't forget to read our testimonials.



Electric Excavation being performed in a Cincinnati area walgreen's.  All done with shelves fully stocked and left in normal position.

Electric Tracked Hauler with over 1,000 lbs of debris to dispose of in Cincinnati area Walgreen's.

Problem:  Walgreen's store with poorly draining waste line due to settling of the line.

Constraints:  Store needed to remain open 7 days a week from 8am-10pm.  Due to the presence of pharmaceuticals and food, the owner required that it had to be a fume free operation.  Additionally stock was to remain in place so the store could operate normally.  Site access was limited to rear door, down a four foot wide hallway with only a dock height entrance. 

The property management company was keenly aware of the potential problems with this project.  They knew of Crete Busters, LLC and put the plumbing contractor in touch with us.

It looked like a slow labor intensive project.

Solution:  Crete Busters utilized our fume free electric powered saw, electric ultra mini excavator and proprietary electric Tracked Hauler.  The job required 80 feet by 2.5 feet of 6 inch concrete to be sawed, hauled out and disposed of.  35.5 cubic yards of dirt was to be excavated and disposed as well.  All debris had to quickly and constantly hauled away during the project, so the store could remain open.  Once we completed concrete removal and excavation and the plumber repaired the pipe, 26 tons of gravel fill was brought back in (in less than 4 hours) and 4 yards of concrete was poured back.  All hauling was done with our Tracked Haulers.  Our electric excavator and electric Tracked Hauler allowed Crete Busters to avoid manual labor and sped up project completion time by 66%.  Walgreen's, the property manager and the plumbing contractor were all extremely happy.  Who you gonna call?   



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