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This video shows how little access Crete Busters, LLC needs to provide you with concrete breaking and removal service for a patio and walkway.  An ultra mini excavator with a hyrdraulic hammer and two Crete Busters' Tracked Haulers make the job look easy.  There is no need for adjusts to this homes landscape in order for us to access the work area.  The lawn is also left in great condition. 
Crete Busters' Tracked Hauler can make mulching a simple and quick task.  It will also help save your muscles from the some of strain of old fashioned wheelbarrows.  Great for all types of material, not just mulch.  Save time and reduce strain with a rental of Crete Busters' Tracked Hauler today!
Removing concrete driveways and providing grading service.  Notice how this is done safely next to an adjoining wall. 
Our mini excavator with hydraulic hammer and a Crete Busters' Tracked Hauler, efficiently break and remove concrete porch.
Crete Busters, LLC is a specialty contracting company.  We provided removal of 2,500sq. ft. of 9" concrete. Due to the sensitive University Hospital enviroment there were strict project restrictions. Most contractors would have no choice but to use intense manual labor that would take a lot of time and money. But thanks to our specialized totally electric equipment, the hospital environment was kept safe from fumes and the project could be completed efficiently.
Our ultra compact excavator and tracked haulers were used to break and remove a concrete basement wall for a resident in the Mason, OH area.
Excavation of tightly compacted crushed limestone was needed in this Target store stock room. The project was required to be fume free. Hand labor would have taken an extremely long period of time. Crete Busters, LLC used our electric ultra mini excavator to make the job quick, easy and totally fume free!


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